Podcast 011 – “The Cost Of Living Coalition March”

My thoughts on the Irish Left in general and a march/rally in Dublin on Saturday in particular.

Learn more about the Cost of Living Coalition here > https://www.facebook.com/COLCIreland

The True Centre Podcast 011 – "The Cost Of Living Coalition March" The True Centre Podcast

My thoughts on the Irish Left in general and a march/rally in Dublin on Saturday in particular. Learn more about the Cost of Living Coalition here > https://www.facebook.com/COLCIreland — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thetruecentre/message
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The main reason the GOP backs Trump to the hilt

“Trump’s flattery….was part of a coordinated White House charm offensive designed to persuade the ageing justice – for years, the court’s pivotal swing vote – that it was safe to retire, even with an unpredictable man in the Oval Office.”

Book reveals Trump effort to persuade Justice Kennedy to step aside for Kavanaugh
Julian Borger – The Guardian

As homelessness in Ireland continues at alarming numbers, the “Civil War Parties” are more interested in property tax levels

Dublin has the highest rate of homelessness with just under half of all people using emergency accommodation living in the capital.

Over 10,000 homeless in Ireland for tenth month in a row
James Cox – Buzz.ie

Mr Varadkar said agreeing to reforms of the property tax system should be central to any deal struck between two party leaders, who are expected to hold talks on an election date in the coming days.

Varadkar seeks property tax deal in election talks
Philip Ryan – Irish Independent

Since 2016 the Irish government has been run by what I call a “virtual coalition” between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil. Politically they are essentially the same party in the modern age, yet with the help of the mainstream media they continue to perpetuate the notion that they are somehow the only options to lead government.

After almost a decade of FG Taoisigh, the general perception is that it is now FF’s “turn”, and this seemed to be a part of the “confidence and supply” agreement drawn up between the two parties after the 2016 election which shut out the various left-leaning parties from providing any semblance of real opposition.

This means that as Varadkar & Martin thrash out the terms for the next election, they also get to determine the battleground on which it will be fought, and according to the above article in the Indo, it seems that is going to be property tax.

I doubt this revelation could possibly be more ironic. On the same week when the country’s homelessness figures are released (it was hard to find an article which didn’t lead with the news that the figures had dropped because that is misleading – they are essentially unchanged and definitely way, way too high), rather than make this a priority for the electorate, it is actually how much more tax homeowners will be expected to pay on which they choose to focus.

Don’t get me wrong – of course property tax is an important issue, especially because it is one that tends to hurt those just getting on the ‘ladder’ as opposed to those much further up it, but when compared to the shortfalls in public housing around the country as NAMA continues to announces amazing profits, I really think it’s a no-brainer that those without homes should be discussed before those with them.

We’ll see how the Irish “Left” goes about the task of forcing the issue to the forefront of national discourse.

As a sidenote, there were a couple of interesting paragraphs in the Indo article which began with the word “Meanwhile”….

Meanwhile, it can also be revealed Fine Gael’s election manifesto will promise to introduce free GP care for all children under 16 if the party is returned to government.

Meanwhile, Minister for State Michael D’Arcy has said the country faces having its first left-wing government if Fine Gael is not returned to power after an election…The minister said this means the next government could consist of Fianna Fail, the Labour Party, the Green Party and Sinn Fein.

On the healthcare, while of course any progressive worth their salt would be delighted with this election promise, we would much prefer if it came from a progressive government rather than being a “bone” thrown by a “centre-right” one.

As for the second quote, two things : first, I never cease to be amazed how the prospect of left-leaning government is presented like a “bogeyman” in the media (ask Jeremy Corbyn) but more importantly, if anyone thinks a government led by Micheal Martin can be described as “left” they’re fooling themselves, no matter what other parties are propping up the coalition.

It looks like Trump is ready for his War Of Convenience

Translation : If you back what I did, you’re a true American. If you don’t, you’re not.

Donald Trump won’t be the first world leader to cite jingoism as justification for war. He won’t even be the first US President to do so. But the above tweet, posted shortly after the air strike that intentionally killed a high-ranking Iranian Gen. Qassem Suleimani (without congressional approval, of course), clearly displays that classic extra bit of Trumpiness which involves a practically cartoon-level of extremism.

And can we please be clear on what has happened between Trump and Iran over recent years? There was a deal in place between their government and the international community which was being enforced. Tensions were significantly reduced. Then along comes 45, determined to undermined everything that was done by 44, and he rips it all up.

You don’t need to be an expert on international affairs to know that every action Tehran has taken which can be considered provocative since then can be directly linked to the withdrawal from the JCPOA agreement. Trump started this. So if war results, it’s his fault. That cannot be disputed, whatever the official line of the White House.

And isn’t it convenient how this move happens to come as yet more evidence is coming out surrounding his ‘perfect call’ to the President of Ukraine? That for which he is in the process of being impeached?

And isn’t it convenient that this airstrike provides a perfect excuse for the so-called ‘moderate’ GOP senators to kiss Trump’s ring?

“I commend the Administration for taking this decisive action today in Baghdad against Tehran-backed terrorists. The world should not mourn Qassem Soleimani, a man whose name is synonymous with murder in the Middle East and who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American service members”

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.)

Republicans Celebrate Trump’s Targeted Killing Of Top Iranian General
Nick Robins-Early – Huffington Post

This is not a pie-in-the-sky conspiracy theory. This is two plus two equals four. Grounds for war with Iran have been fabricated over time by this White House to be used as a Trump Card, pun intended. Now he seems to think he needs to play it. We’ll see what Tehran does in response. Hopefully the result is not that which we all feared back in November 2016.

Our #LE19 countdown starts here

May 24 sees a big Election Day in the Republic of Ireland.

There are polls for the local councils, the European Parliament, and also a divorce referendum.

Here on FPP we’ll be following the various contests closely, with particular attention to our own local area, but hopefully with a view to encouraging others to get more involved wherever they may be.

Our premise is that there is a ton of information out there if you just know where to look.

While I have my own personal beliefs on government, I’d rather see a higher turnout of voters than have my own preferred candidates elected.  At least then I could say I was being governed by the will of a true majority.

In my own local Ballyfermot/Drimnagh ward of Dublin City Council for example, the turnout at the last poll was a mere 43%, and other wards were less than 40.  This is a disgrace as far as I’m concerned, and I don’t just blame the politicians – the electorate itself must take responsibility for such collective apathy.

Over the next 3+ weeks I hope to highlight the candidates, the issues, the media coverage, and for full disclosure, my own personal choice of voting plan.

Do stay tuned.





The real reason the US political establishment is ganging up on Rep Ilhan Omar


Despite being a congresswoman for just a few months, both major US political parties are pushing a narrative that Representative Ilhan Omar from Minnesota is unworthy of her position.


“You have to wonder if she is an American first”

Brian Kilmeade, Fox News


I’m sharing this Young Turks video not to highlight the actions of Fox News, more to point out that it is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to elite opposition to Congresswoman Omar.

Nobody who has watched Fox News with a critical eye will be surprised by the blatant spin presented in the above video – Omar’s words are taken wildly out of context.

The Washington Post also did a good job in this video putting her words into the proper context…

But Rupert Murdoch’s right wing spin factory is not the only source of this misrepresentation, and her statement referenced here is far from the only example.

She was recently attacked for remarks she made that referenced AIPAC, a powerful lobby group that represents the Jewish-American community.

Again, whatever side of the issue you might be on, we have to wonder why her words were so blatantly taken out of context, not only by Fox News and Republican politicians, but also by the leadership of the Democrat Party and most significantly, the mainstream media.

It’s not as though the CNNs and MSNBCs are normally shy when it comes to playing clips of quotes when it suits them.  For example, how many times has Trump’s infamous ‘grab them by the pussy’ line been given airtime?  Seems to be at least once or twice a week even now.

Yet Congresswoman Omar’s quote, in which she clearly referred to herself when the entire passage is taken in context, was frequently branded as ‘Anti Semitic’ on political panels without her actual statement being played.

It took a comedienne to do what the broadcasters couldn’t…

Why the widespread revulsion against Omar?

Is it because she is Muslim?  Is it because the Washington establishment is genuinely concerned that she does not put ‘America first’?  Is it because they really do believe she is anti-Semitic?

None of the above, as far as I’m concerned.  I believe the push against is all about one of her first appearances on the House Foreign Relations Committee.

One of the principle consequences of the 2018 Midterms was that although the House was won back by the Democrats, the Progressive caucus was so strong that Nancy Pelosi had to make several concessions to guarantee that she returned to the Speaker role.

Among those concessions was the placement of prominent Progressives on key House committees like Intelligence, Judiciary, Ways and Means and in Omar’s case, Foreign Relations.

When she had one of her first opportunities to ask questions at a hearing, it was to none other than Elliott Abrams, who was involved in many questionable foreign incursions by the US in the past, and has now been appointed as President Trump’s ‘special envoy’ for Venezuela.

OMAR: On February 8, 1982, you testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about U.S. policy in El Salvador. In that hearing, you dismissed as communist propaganda reports about the massacre at El Mozote in which more than 800 civilians, including children as young as 2 years old, were brutally murdered by U.S.-trained troops. During that massacre, some of those troops bragged about raping a 12-year-old girl, girls, before they killed them. You later said that the U.S. policy in El Salvador was a “fabulous achievement.” Yes or no, do you still think so?

I haven’t taken the time to check all of the congressional records since 1982 (or mainstream media interviews for that matter) but I’ll bet anything that Abrams hasn’t asked a question like this publicly in that time.

That is why Omar is being so blatantly smeared; the ‘Military Industrial Complex’, a major donor for prominent politicians from both parties, do not want questions like that asked in a public forum.  In fact, the President himself gave the game away in one of his attacks on her “She should resign from Congress, or at least from the committee.” (paraphrase).

Just to be clear, I’m not 100% aware of Omar’s politics, but when anyone is taken so wildly out of context it needs to be pointed out.


Notes from Dáil Leaders’ Questions – Wed July 4, 2018

Dail LQ notes


Leaders’ Questions is arguably the most important weekly event in Irish politics, as the government must give answers on various topics to the opposition parties on live TV.  However, as it is held on a Wednesday just before lunchtime, its effects on the national political discourse is minimal. Unfortunately we’re far more prepared for discussions on sports, soaps and reality shows than we are political issues.

In this new series on FPP we’ll be taking notes throughout both the Dáil session and RTÉ’s coverage, with much paraphrasing of course…


Host – Sharon Ni Bheolain


John Brady SF
Elaine Loughlin – Irish Examiner
Michael Lehane – RTE pol corr

Varadkar went to US and put his foot in it

ML – “At very best it’s immature”

EL – difference between a ‘gaffe’ and remarks at closed door meeting

JB – Definitely not a gaffe, the spin that it was private doesnt wash, he’s in ‘serious trouble’ and needs to make a statement and we also need to know who was at the meeting

SNB – He claims the remarks were taken out of context

ML – This is a gift to his opposition

Leaders’ questions

Note – text is paraphrase not transcript

Micheal Martin – Govt said homelessness won’t develop.  Children’s Right Alliance has released report on homelessness in children, CEO Tanya Ward “Children who are homeless lose out on every aspect of their education…”  There should have been urgent response from govt but initiatives see targets missed. Housing schemes including so-called ‘Rapid Build’ taking too long. Why the lack of urgency and have these children been failed?

Leo Varadkar – I can assure you there is no denial of the challenge we face as a result of the housing crisis and family homelessness, we are very determined to do all we can to alleviate it.  Don’t forget 7 year period with no houses built because of no money and no private investment. (Blaming Fianna Fáil). There has been some success, like rent control, amount in emergency accommodation is levelling off, we’re moving away from hotels and B&Bs, rough sleeping is down, and underlying problem of low housing supply is seeing an uptick.  

MM – You’re wrong in terms of the backdrop that you’ve suggested.  There have been numerous announcements, but poor delivery of all that has been promised (has figures to back him up). Why the failure to deliver? We’ve too much spin over substance.

LV – Let’s leave aside announcements for the moment (laughter in chamber) I came off plane at 1:30am this morning (‘awwww’ from chamber) let’s talk about delivery and facts (has more figures to back up his argument)

Mary Lou McDonald – Failte ar ais.  I want to raise with you the comments you made in New York.  It was meant to be private event but it seems to have been paid for by the Irish taxpayer.  You say you are in sympathy with Trump saying media have no interest in the truth. You have attacked Irish investigative journalism, programmes that have exposed scandals, hospital waiting lists, failing to protect children in care, housing policy, etc.  Time and again citizens have had to use the media to get the ear of the govt. If you were genuinely interested in the media you might have been more concerned in media ownership like Denis O’Brien. Had you said that, you would have had broad agreement. But you’re not interested in that, you simply wanted to have a go.  Can you tell us who was at this lunch? Is there a record? What else was discussed? Did you comment on other aspects of Irish society?

LV : Thank you for giving me opportunity to clear this matter.  I believe in the free press, very important to democracy. (CC shouts down hecklers)  I always try to be as accessible as I can be. I profoundly regret if anyone thinks I don’t support the media, but it can’t be beyond reproach.  This was a private event, I wanted to sit down with young Irish people living in NY, I’d like to be able to respect the privacy, we discussed everything from Brexit to the UN to Russia.  There was no speech it was more of a discussion. I did say positive things about the media like the #MeToo movement. None of that positivity was reported. My only reference to RTE (Mission To Pray) was when someone challenged me and I alluded to one particular broadcast.

MLM – That account  directly contradicts reports from those at the events.  You accused media of trivialising matters, chasing tittle tattle instead of important issues.  Here’s the problem, it’s your word against theirs. What about the issue of media ownership? You chose not to address that.  Did you mention other aspects of Irish society?

LV – I was actually there so I know what transpired, you can believe any information you want. The issue of media ownership didn’t come up if it had Id have addressed it as I have several times here in the Dáil.

Thomas Pringle – Your cosy relationship with FF has caused ‘anti-rule’ that has impacted my constituency in Donegal.  I’m talking about local small businesses that are largely left outside govt support. Measuring the health of this sector is vital, I carried out a survey which confirmed my suspicion that govt doesnt care about rural economy.  I raised this with Minister for Small Business who said issue is addressed but it isn’t. Please don’t quote me unemployment figures, emigration has helped that, not growth. Your policies have ensured that depopulisation has become the trend.  Tell me how you

LV – I appreciate that unemployment falls for different reasons, but I disagree that emigration is the reason.  My government appreciates the importance of small business all over the country, especially in rural areas. We have reduced the VAT rate from 14.5 to 13% and that has helped.  Parties on the left want to increase that which would harm these businesses. There have been huge increases in tourism which has helped areas like Donegal. Project Ireland 2040 will mean huge investment in all areas, infrastructure, broadband, etc.

TP – You haven’t mentioned anything the people of Donegal have mentioned like closure of post offices etc.  The VAT rate has been lowered all through the time of this decline. People say they haven’t heard about initiative and response from government and none of them have been asked, maybe you don’t want to hear the answers

LV – I’m glad that you acknowledge that FG is the party of small business, our TDs spend a lot of time at local chamber of commerce meetings.  I have figures to show employment figures in Donegal on the rise. (to supposedly prove that emigration not a problem)

Noel Grealish (RIG) – as we head to summer and budget preparations, people of middle Ireland find life is a constant trouble, the ‘squeezed middle’ get the leaqst amount of help from the STate.  These are the people who go to work early, but they are getting nothing back, Rents, fuel, child care, medical, electricity costs going up. They get no grants, no state benefit. They are being ignored by the govt which has most of its focus on certain aspects of Irish society.  Once an Irish worker earns 34k they pay half of everything above that in taxes, it’s building a problem for the future. Some progress was made in last year’s budget I concede, how are you going to look after the people of middle Ireland in October that will make a difference?

[RTE cut to studio]

Post game

SNB and ML basically re-hash MM’s point

SNB puts LV’s facts to EL

EL : Taoiseach acknowledged slow down in house building (though he was actually blaming FF)

SNB to JB – What about argument that it wasnt this govt that caused the bank crash

JB – There’s a housing crisis and what we see now is that the govt is trying to pass the blame.  This is a squabble that is between two parties that are essentially in government together.

SNB – It’s easy to say that from the SF benches?  You had an opportunity to be involved in govt but you chose not to

JB – We’re constantly putting forward suggestions, this is thrown up time and time again…FF and FG have said they wont go into govt with us

ML – after last election, SF changed their position saying they would only go into govt as lead party meaning it wasnt at table

SNB – Mr Trump wasnt mentioned in SF comments?

EL – repeats LV’s answer to MLM (why do that?  Sure we all heard it?)

JB – LV is clearly trying to spin his way out of this, and he glossed over the ownership question.  We need more clarity on who was at that meeting.

ML – I think LV is sticking to his guns….his apology is more of a non-apology….there is clearly some niggle there.

SNB – I only have 30 seconds for Thomas Pringle

EL – FG mantra ‘keep the recovery going’ mantra not washing in rural areas

JB – Income tax cuts helping is a myth, a lot of issues for govt to address

FPP comment

My core issues with this broadcast remain, in that there’s no need for two from RTE in the studio, nor should there be someone from a party that is already asking a question in the Dáil.  The aim should be to spread the representation around the other points of view of the parties and technical groups IMO. Plus, even without the current heatwave, I don’t see the logic in having this session at midday on a Wednesday other than out of a motivation to make sure nobody is watching.

But here, there was an added problem.  Deputy Grealish went to great lengths to ask a valid question, and then they cut to studio?????  I mean, I know it’s called ‘Leader’s Questions’ but shouldn’t that also mean we get to hear the answers as well???

And it’s not like there weren’t alternatives for them…they have their RTÉ News Now and easily could have kept the coverage going over there.  Or, they could have informed viewers that the Dáil session was being covered on the Oireachtas TV channel.

On the substance, well, the Varadkar/Martin exchanges are tedious to say the least.  It’s like they are manufacturing topics on which they can argue back and forth endlessly to put viewers to sleep.  While Martin made it sound like he is extremely concerned about child homelessness, both he and the Taoiseach seemed more interested in scoring Civil War political points.  It was pretty pathetic.

I may not be a fan of Sinn Féin but I have to say MLM’s wording of her question was impressive, cleverly working the name Denis O’Brien into the discussion, though Varadkar danced around it in both of his responses.

You had to feel for Thomas Pringle – no doubt he works tirelessly for his constituents but when it comes to standing up and speaking in the Dáil he appeared extremely uncomfortable in the chamber.  He didn’t take long to post his reaction to the answers he received on his webpage it was up within a matter of hours

“The Taoiseach was unable to respond directly to my question because he knew he had no sufficient answer as to why support has been so lacking in this sector. Instead he talked about employment levels and other unrelated aspects of Fine Gael policy.

“His reply confirmed the deeply held suspicions of current Government policy, which is simply that Fine Gael don’t care about rural Ireland”

As for Deputy Grealish, nothing about his questions on social media at the time of posting I will update when something becomes available.

One final point…strange there was absolutely no mention of water shortages or the heatwave.  Maybe that more than anything else illustrates their assumption that nobody was watching.  JLP


Breitbart ticks every right-wing fury-inducing box it can find in YouTube shooting headline

Breitbart trigger.png

Iranian.  Azeri.  Vegan.  Activist. Muslim-sounding name.  Clearly the good folks at Breitbart are trying to prove a point?

If anything they missed a trick – according to the Telegraph, she was also an animal rights protester.

Remember – if the shooter was ‘American. White. Meat-Eating. Christian.’ then the headline would read something like this : ‘YouTube shooting highlights the need to focus on mental health issues’.  JLP


Message to Trump: Why Teachers Should Not Be Armed

Diane Ravitch's blog

Reader Zorba writes:

”I cannot believe this merde about arming the teachers.

”Are the states and districts going to pay for training the teachers, pay for their guns, their bullets, their liability insurance? Pay the teachers way more because they are not just teachers, but first responders? All of this when in many districts they’re not even willing to pay for enough teachers or even pay for enough books, pencils, and frigging copy paper for each classroom.

”Give me a break.

“I am a retired special education teacher. My students were developmentally disabled and severely emotionally disturbed. Some were also sometimes self abusive or violent, and I had to restrain them for their own safety or the safety of others. So, if I had a gun strapped to me (whether concealed or not), what if the kid was able to grab that gun?

”These people are not just stupid and…

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