Soul Haven

I haven’t penned a poem in yonks, but I enjoyed my Counselling & Psychotherapy Foundation course (which ended today) so much that I couldn’t help but feel inspired to write this which in many ways works as a sequel to my last effort “Needed”. Thanks also to classmate Róisín for letting me use one of her excellent paintings to go with it. 


Spilling your guts”
I’ve always found
Is just as pretty
As it sounds

To share your troubles
Fears and sins
Takes more than courage
From within

You need a haven
For your soul
Where it feels safe
Beyond control

It may take time
To show its face
But once it has
That ideal space

It breaks free from
It’s home-made cage
And proudly stands
At center stage

To quosh all doubts
And read a poem
Which tells the crowd
It feels at home

So thank you all
For this great time
Which has inspired
This humble rhyme

Should life bring joy
Or deep regret
One thing’s for sure
I won’t forget

This place where
Demons go to die
The Carroll Room

© JL Pagano 2012

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