Starting over

Who said Doctor Who had the monopoly on endless re-incarnations???

My personal blogs over the years have had various titles…

“JLP’s Diary”
“A Bit O’ Pampering And The Odd Shag”
“All Smoke And Mirrors”
“Harpin’ On Stuff”

…but it doesn’t really matter what the name is if I’m not making entries, does it?

Most of my time is spent on the rugby site this weather.  And I am in the process of taking that to “the next level”, whatever that is.

But I still want an outlet where I can talk about life “n” stuff, so I have decided to revert the bulk of the content of this blog to draft and start again.

That’s not the only reason I have re-named the site “Clearing The Premises”, however, but hopefully I will be able to explain that (and the new logo) more fully over the coming weeks.

© JL Pagano 2013

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