2013-07-12 12.47.07


I don’t want to bring you down in this glorious Dublin weather, but this scene affected me earlier today so I thought I’d share.

At the base of the lamp-post to the right there is a man, not far off my own age by the looks of him, sitting alone in a car park at noon on a hot summer’s day with nothing but his obvious troubles and a pile of crushed beer cans for company.

And to top it all he is but 100 yards away from a church.  Whether there are more answers to be found there than in the cans, who knows.  But the poignancy was striking.

Do I feel pity for him or disgust?  I couldn’t reconcile it.  So I took a photo.  Once I was safely in my car with my 4-year-old and able to quickly drive off of course!

He didn’t notice.  He wasn’t for noticing anything but the obstacles on his road to forgiving himself.

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