Blogging & the cure for what ails us

Part 1 – The Right Chemistry

What fascinates me most about science is the fact there there is virtually no limit to the possible experiments they can do, which for me anyway makes pretty much anything appear possible.  Take chemistry for example…all those elements, with so many yet to be discovered.  “All” researchers have to do is keep adding different ones together in different amounts and in different ways and eventually we have cures for things!  Sure, I know they are not all motivated for this and often the focus is on producing profit-making products for pharmaceutical giants, but we can’t deny that often much good is done by their efforts.

Part 2 – Saying one thing and meaning your mother

As I was growing up I didn’t realise that my late grandmother, who was my maternal figure, suffered from bipolar disorder.  All I knew was that it was extremely difficult to ever make her happy.  But like the scientists I mention above, I kept using different combinations of words to try to produce various statements that would snap her our of her ongoing misery.  The only thing that I was missing was a sense that this was nigh-on impossible.  Still, I never gave up right to the very end and I suppose the fact that she lived to the ripe old age of 96 must have meant she felt there was something worth living for.

Part 3 – My Facebook comment

Nowadays I find blogging to be an enjoyable challenge, partly inspired by my time trying to cheer up my grandmother.  Only now, when it comes to political matters, my attempts involve facing up to the barrage of smoke and mirrors put down by the “establishment” as they continue to justify the haves out-owning the have-nots.  To this end I am driven by the notion that there must exist a combination of words that can convince enough people to not only see what they are doing, but also to peacefully reject their shaky premises and, in the spirit of people like Nelson Mandela, stand up for equality in all walks of life.

During the week just gone, in the comments section of a link I shared on Facebook, I responded to a contribution by a Mr James Shott, a conservative blogger who often shows up when I post anything that appears critical of the US Republican party or indeed anything pro-establishment.  My response may not have been a “perfect” cocktail of words, but I’m proud enough that I decided to devote my Sunday morning blog post to it as I reckon it serves as a catch-all for any future dealings I may have with such people online.

As with all our exchanges Mr S, what concerns me most are not the obvious holes in your argument, but more the fact that you must surely be well aware of them yourself. This is why I try not engage as much anymore as it will inevitably lead to a lengthy series of posts to produce the perception of stalemate which I believe you & other conservative commentators seek.

His reply : “I see things have not changed in Fantasyland. Have a good one, Mr. P!”  If a place where people seek to be considered equals is considered Fantasyland then I am more than happy to call it that.

RIP Anna Mary Kilroy Lee & Nelson Mandela


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