I don’t trust Pope Francis

OK…maybe that’s a bit of a sensationalist headline, but basically it does highlight my overall point.
First of all, I want to make it clear that I am not as violently opposed to the Catholic Church as some.  Raised by staunch Catholic grandparents, I do have a high degree of understanding of what the organisation means to their generation and despite all the revelations of recent years, I wouldn’t be quick to dismiss them.
Having said that, I can’t help but look at the whole “Pope stepping aside” thing with an air of scepticism.
Bizarrely my thinking was inspired by the talk of pressure on David Moyes as manager at Manchester United.  Many think that the constant presence of Sir Alex Ferguson at matches has something to do with it.
In the case of Il Papa I can’t help wondering if in fact Pope Benedict has actually retired.  Everything I have read about him leads me to believe that he is a strong political figure within the organisation who effectively worked his way to the top.  If this is true, could someone like that find it so easy to put himself out to pasture?
Naturally I am as pleased as the next person about the words Pope Francis has been saying about the poor and homosexuality.  But they are, after all, just words.
I’m not saying she invented the expression, but my grandmother would always tell me that “actions speak louder than words”. 
On the subject of the Catholic Church undergoing a “Paul on the road to Damascus” type conversion simply by passing on the big hat, I’m afraid I would have to actually place my fingers in the wounds for proof (mixed metaphors I know)
For the time being I’m an extremely doubting JLP.

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