The buck stops at the bucks

Here in Ireland the online world has been busy discussing something called “PantiGate”.  You may think it was some sort of scandal about a politician caught in an uncompromising position, but no.

I’ll let you make up your own mind on the rights and wrongs of the case by reading this article, and my views can be pretty much summed up by the tweet below.

What I wanted to talk about in my latest Sunday ramble was something that happened in southern USA last week.

Basically the city of Atlanta, Georgia and its surrounding areas was brought to a standstill by a snow storm during the week, and the state’s governor Nathan Deal stood accused afterwards for not responding quickly enough to the situation, one which involved everybody leaving their place of employ at the same time and ultimately leaving their cars in icy conditions on gridlocked interstate highways.

He has gone on to apologize to the people of Georgia, as well as to take responsibility, which is a good thing.  But one thing he said at an earlier stage part of his public response was most telling if you ask me.

“We don`t want to be accused of crying wolf.
Because if we had been wrong, you all would be here saying, you know how
many millions of dollars you cost the economy or the city of Atlanta and
the state of Georgia by shutting down businesses all over this city and
this state?”
You probably don’t need me to tell you at this stage that Governor Deal is a Republican, right?
I will repeat this on every blog post if I have to…I do not believe that conservatives are evil.  Nor do I believe that they are wrong about everything.
But for me, Deal’s honesty regarding his set of priorities illustrates more than anything else just what you get when you put conservatives into the highest offices of government.
Protect business first, people after.  I wonder if that also applies here in Ireland? JLP

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