Getting back on the horse

I do have a decent enough reason for not keeping this blog going…my other site actually makes me some money so it is much more deserving of my time.

Having said that, the other site is about sport.  It’s something I love both following and writing about, don’t get me wrong…but I am also very much aware that there are much more important things in this world.  In fact, you could argue that sport is my refuge from those serious things.

Well, now I want to get more involved.

Earlier in the summer I attended a meeting in the Iveagh Grounds at Guinness RFC where Luke “Ming” Flanagan MEP gave a talk on the impending TTIP treaty which is being written and approved by the EU and our government without a whole lot of debate or coverage in the mainstream media.

Following the US progressive online sources (Websites like Mother Jones, Podcasts like Best of the Left, Comedy shows like John Oliver & YouTube channels like The Young Turks) as has been my wont in recent years, I was aware of a similar “behind closed doors” trade agreement called the Trans Pacific Partnership and the outrage that went with it.

So strange as it may seem I actually knew about the Pacific one long before I had heard anything about this one which actually affects the jurisdiction where I actually live!

Anyway they’re having a follow up meeting tonight and I plan to give my thoughts on it here on the blog afterwards.

© JL Pagano 2016

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