A modern history of the (US) Conservative movement

Personally, I have serious issues about the spectrum of political thought being represented by the terms “left” and “right”, but that argument is for another day…I’m prepared to make an exception when it comes to the superb Best Of The Left podcast.

This show is effectively what awakened me to the Progressive movement and gave me hope that there were others out there who felt as I do on governmental issues.

In this episode, originally aired in April of this year but reposted yesterday, BotL takes clips from various shows from around the Podosphere to illustrate just how the conservative ethos and methodology have evolved in recent times.

It’s over an hour long but it’s well worth a listen…give it fifteen minutes and I’m confident you’ll want to take in the full show.

…the Democrats got 5 million more votes in the last election for the House of Representatives than the Republicans did, but because they’ve gerrymandered districts, the Republicans control the House.  It’s a scam.

Thom Hartmann