Irish Exchequer wins a Eurobillions jackpot but Minister for Finance wants to tear up the ticket #AppleTax

We do our best here at FPP to tread lightly when it comes to economics – it can be a complicated area to say the very least and often all is not as it appears.

But when we read some stories about this topic known as #AppleTax we seemed to think we had the basis of what it was all about, only we couldn’t believe it.

Then in an article titled “Q&A : What exactly is at stake in the Apple Tax issue?” the Irish Times pretty much spelled it out as we saw it…

Ironically, the Government will be appealing a decision that a big company must pay it a load of money.

Luckily, it appears that David McWilliams is on the case to explain things, and we generally give his take a lot of weight on Irish economic matters when of course the governments very much don’t.

While we wait for his take, we’re holding the assumption that this is yet another classic case of #CapitalismGoneMad.