One-sided reporting at best in US media over North Dakota pipeline protests

We don’t want to see one-sided coverage on any issue really, do we.  Sometimes, however, when the mainstream media itself only gives one side of a particular story, it gives us no choice but to redress the balance.

Some examples of this include the bus strike here in Dublin – sure, the union’s statements are given a bit of air time but the general thrust of the coverage is that the public are inconvenienced and it is the bus drivers’ fault.  Then we have Israel and Palestine, where the fact that one is a “sovereign nation” means that the recurring conflict is presented as “legitimate military force vs terrorists” situation more often than not.

Here at FPP we aim to do our best to highlight this failing in reportage as often as we can, and we couldn’t do much better than to model ourselves on the likes of FAIR,org which constantly scrutinises the US media.

Take this article by Jim Naureckas called “which laments the scant coverage of the protests by American Indian tribes over what they see as an invasion of their land..

48 Words at 4 AM Is All Network News Has to Say About Pipeline Protests

The heading pretty much says it all but it is well worth a read to show the full scale of the bias towards the corporate entities looking to lay the pipeline.

Those 48 words are a one-sided retelling of an NPR report…(which) also contains video footage from Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! (9/4/16), who—apparently unlike any of her colleagues from network TV—thought the largest mobilization of indigenous activists against environmental degradation was worth reporting on.