One thing you need to know about this Indo article titled “Five things you need to know about today’s #Right2Water demonstration”

“Look, we’re being balanced and we’re covering today’s demonstration!”, implies the Irish Independent in this minimalist article.

Never mind the fact that they want you to believe there will only be 3,000 people there.

Never mind the fact that they highlight the delays to city centre, in other words – making the cost to downtown business folk more important than people’s right to show their frustration with government policy.

Some of the comments beneath the article…

So, is it about water, EU, Taxes, or whatever takes your fancy?

It must be so confusing being ‘agin’ everything – reality keeps getting in the way.

Best approach: when what you are saying makes no sense, just reduce it to a short slogan, and scream it louder. Drowns out all the facts nicely, but shows the march up as a large gathering with very low total IQ.

I bet some of them even think that water is already paid for. Even Paul Murphy agrees it is underfunded.

Where to go? Oh I’d love to tell these wasters where to go!!!

More pointless disruption.