March For Choice passes off peacefully & powerfully #RepealThe8th

I regretted being unable to attend the March for Choice on Saturday – having gone on the #Right2Water march a week before I was all set to go again but in the end it wasn’t even the bus strike nor the bad weather that held me back just personal circumstances.

But it’s not about me and thankfully there were tens of thousands who did make it in and by all accounts there were also demonstrations of sympathy around the world according to the Irish Times.

Pro-choice campaigners among the Irish diaspora are holding parallel demonstrations in a number of cities including London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, New York, San Francisco, Toronto and Melbourne.

Of course to be seen as “balanced” they had to include a response from the so-called “Pro-Life” side of the discussion (a student in this case) and it’s not surprising to hear them resort to the “Pro-Lifers as oppressed minority” argument…

“I think there is an imbalance. I am in UCD and the students union there is very much in your face pro-choice. That is very unfair to the students who are pro-life.”

It never ceases to amuse me how someone can make the argument their views aren’t being expressed at the very moment they are being given the chance to express their views.  It demonstrasted a distinct lack of an actual overall argument.

Next up for the #RepealThe8th movement is the Citizens Assembly, and naturally all eyes will be on its composition.  If they go by opinion polls, there should be only around a one-in-five representation for those who feel the amendment should be kept in place.  We’ll see how that is reflected in the selection of assemblyfolk.