Trump’s tabloid of choice is hardly surprising but still worrying to say the least


Of all the incredible stuff said by Donald Trump throughout his campaign, large chunks of it were lost in memory as we tried to focus on his most recent offerings.

This one definitely fell through the cracks but is very much gaining significance now.

I’ve always said, ‘Why didn’t the National Enquirer get the Pulitzer Prize for Edwards, and OJ Simpson, and all of these things?’

Yes, he actually said that (out loud, not in a tweet for once), about a publication that literally prints whatever it wants.  And going by the trends shown by its headline articles, like the one above that attacked Ted Cruz, arguably Trump’s biggest rival for the Republican nomination, what it wants more than anything is to show the President Elect in as good a light as possible.

Steve Benen of MaddowBlog examines in more detail :

Its current cover, for example, tells readers President Obama has “ignited” a national security crisis, but Americans shouldn’t worry – because Donald Trump will “fix” the problem.

He discounts the intelligence presented to him by the country’s leading federally-funded agencies yet he’s willing to trust a tabloid available at supermarket counters for just over a dollar.  Not a good sign.