A Week of President Trump : Feb 10-16, 2017


Week 4

We’d like to thank the President for summarizing his own 4th week for us and saving us a lot of time.  It’s pretty much all here…

We did have a go at summarizing the speech…

“Thank you for coming. Alexander Acosta is my new Labor pick. He’s a great guy. No, he’s not here. You media are all dishonest. But that’s fine. I think you’re good people. I’m glad you’re here. It’s great. But you’re still dishonest. Look at all I’ve done. It’s everything I’ve said I’d do. And I’m going to redo all the things I have done that have failed because of circuits. I know what circuits are. I inherited a mess!!! Obamacare disaster. Now I’m going to mention my daughter Ivanka to show how much I love women. That’s not creepy at all. I won my election almost as well as Reagan did his. But the dishonest media won’t report that. You’ll say I’m angry. I’m perfectly calm. The failing New York Times!!! Now ask me a question. Yes, I’m pointing at you, NPR, not Breitbart for once. Flynn? Great guy. Wonderful guy. Nobody has ever appointed a guy greater than him. But he had to resign. He made the VP look bad. Russia? FAKE NEWS! Look, you media are dishonest. But I’m calm. Next? Yeah, maybe the Reagan thing was wrong, I was given that information. See how calm I am? Nobody is calmer than me. What’s that? Anti-semitism? Already covered that when I said I won the Electoral College. Not 207, not 220, not even 270. 306! I love this job. And the people love me. I’m going to Florida on Saturday to remind myself how much the people love me. God bless America.”

Perhaps I’m paraphrasing.

He did leave out a few things…meeting the leaders of Japan, Canada & Israel, treating guests at Mar-a-Lago to some nuclear chit-chat over North Korea, his Labor pick being forced to withdraw…but the press conference stole the show.

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