If you want actual appraisal of media coverage, ignore the President and go to FAIR.org

The President is very good at accusing those around him of doing exactly what he does, with “blaming the media for deliberate inaccuracy” a perfect example.

Nobody is suggesting the mainstream media is perfect, but if you want to see it properly scrutinized, I wouldn’t rely on the White House, past or present.

Instead you want a website like FAIR.org, this stands for Fairness & Aiccuracy In Reporting, which is dedicated to holding the fourth estate to task, not only on what it reports, but also what it tends to leave out.

Today we came across a great example of what they do in this article titled Shotgun Pointed at Black Children Trivialized as ‘Confederate Flag Incident’.  The story itself is worth a read and the wide variation in reporting is astonishing, but for this article we’d like to focus on the overall theme explored by this text :

how a story is framed is as important—if not more so—than the content of an article. Sixty percent of Americans don’t read past the headline and 60 percent of Americans share articles on social media without reading them. How a story is teed up to the reader is an essential element in how our media shape our understanding of the news.

That above passage could very well serve as a mission statement for this First Person Plural site going forward.  JLP