A Week Of President Trump : Mar 4-10, 2017


Week 7

Just a reminder of how last week ended for the President…we had the Sessions recusal :

Amid mounting calls for his resignation, Sessions told a press conference on Thursday that he decided not to participate in any investigations “related in any way to the campaign for president of the United States” after meeting with senior department officials.

Not looking good for one of El Trumpo’s top men!  Now if only there was something he could do to distract everyone’s attention?  How’s this series of tweets from Saturday morning…

Those tweets are presented in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.  So in the midst of effectively accusing his predecessor of treason, he also seems to suggest a sitting President meeting with a Russian ambassador is a bad thing and…leaving apparently the most important thing until last, he has a pop at Arnie.

According to CNN, he has done all he can to avoid presenting his evidence…

Six days after he accused his Oval Office predecessor of wiretapping him, President Donald Trump on Thursday again avoided questions about the charge, leaving his aides and allies still-struggling to explain his Saturday-morning broadside.

Also this week, Trump & the Republicans have been rolling out some revised policies…one that they originally got wrong, though even this one is being challenged

Several US states have said they will move forward with legal challenges to President Donald Trump’s revised executive order that targets citizens of six Muslim-majority countries and refugees.

…and the other is one from Trump’s predecessor that the GOP repeatedly called a “disaster”…

…there’s little question that the outcome of the healthcare debate will play a major role in defining Trump’s first term in office, affecting his ability to deliver on other priorities such as a $1-trillion plan to rebuild public works, a multibillion-dollar border wall and a daunting challenge to rewrite the tax code.

Never mind what anyone tries to call the plan.  It’s Trumpcare.  Always, always, Trumpcare.

Meanwhile Trump’s Cabinet choice for Housing and Urban Developmen was doing this…

Ben Carson says slaves were “immigrants” who “had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great grandsons, great granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.”

As always, Rachel Maddow isn’t swayed by distractions and is hot on the trail of connecting Trump to the Russians…

Signs of continuing Russia influence in US raise alarm

So we’re now officially halfway through his first 100 days.  These posts don’t seem like drying up for material any time soon.  Let’s finish this week’s edition with a laugh.  Here’s Saturday Night Live…

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