Latest @BestOfTheLeft podcast is called “Living In An Empire Of Lies” – should we trust it?

Twice a week, the Best of the Left podcast from Jay! Tomlinson (yes he has an exclamation point in his name…deal with it) takes the best clips on a common theme from a range of mostly-Progressive sources and puts them together with apt choices of musical interludes separating them along the way.

The latesr midweek edition is titled “Living In An Empire Of Lies” and deals with propaganda and the use of distorted truth to control the masses.

Sure, you can presume it’s all about Trump.  But before we in Ireland throw stones, what do we think our own house is made of in this area?  Just yesterday we featured RTÉ’s “coverage” of the Mary Boyle case, and mainstream media’s coverage (or often lack thereof) is one of the principal functions of this site.

Anyway…here are a few quotes from the podcast…

Having trouble tracking down the name for this first quote but it was in an interview on the This Is Hell podcast…

“…unless we’re going to hold states to some sort of universal code of morality and try to transcend our particular locality or arbitrary nationality, we end up with just bias and ignorance which facilitates the worst war crimes that can be imagined.”

Next we have an interview with former US Supreme Count judge David Souter, and I can have absolutely no argument with this sentiment – the same applies to Ireland…too many people know too little about the Oireachtas and how it works.

“I don’t believe there is any problem of American politics in American public life which is more significant today than the pervasive civic ignorance of the Consitution of the United States’ structure of government.”

Last but certainly not least we have the Reverend Roger Ray.  O that all religious sermons could be like his.

“Martin Luther King, Jr. insisted that education was failing on two fronts: we were failing to teach students to think critically, and we were failing to teach character. A shocking number of people fall for fake news and it is changing our government and our society. King’s complaint is very relevant to our present crisis, as we now appear to live in an Empire of Lies in which speaking the truth appears to be treason.”