It’s official – Trump White House believes in evolution!

He’s only been in the job for a couple of days [or to put it another way, only enough time for a few dozen angry Trump tweets] and already the new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci has damaged the Trump 2020 re-election campaign.

Who could have possibly known that after being appointed to such a high profile job, the general public would trawl through his past tweets?  And there were certainly some gems found in there…

Scaramucci tweets

This is just one of several tweets which put Scaramucci in favour of strict gun control.  With the Republicans firmly in the pocket of the NRA, this clearly would not do.  How does the new Spin-Doctor General handle it?  Like this…

Oh, right! Well, that’s OK then!  So he has ‘evolved’, has he?  Fine.

So why don’t we just tuck this gem of a story in our back pocket until Trump runs for re-election, shall we?  Because you can be sure that the second the Democrats confirm their candidate, the GOP will start looking for dirt from their past, and that will no doubt include opinions they have held.

Clearly Scaramucci has provided them with the perfect response.  Assuming his tenure lasts to the 2020 campaign, that is – with this White House, you never know…  JLP