Donald Trump and the sheer stupidity of his supporters…sorry, but there is no other word for it

And so another year nears it’s end…this will probably be our final post before 2018.

Since his inauguration, so much has happened under the Trump administration that you wouldn’t know where to begin.

I would just like to focus on one aspect to sum up the year.

Put as simply as possible…I never thought it possible to say this about another human being in a serious context, but here goes…

If Trump supporters actually believe his assertion that everything in his tweets, on Fox News and on Breitbart is true, and everything on CNN, MSNBC, NYT and WaPo is made-up Fake News – and let’s be clear, his claims definitely do reach to those extremes – then THEY ARE STUPID.

That’s a horrible thing to say, but I’m afraid the English language doesn’t have another word for it.

Of course sometimes the mainstream media gets things wrong or leaves things out.  And tough and all as it is to believe, once in a while Trump and co get something right [if for the wrong reasons sometimes, like shutting down the Trans Pacific Parntership].

But the President never gives specific examples of ‘Fake News’.  And to be fair, it’s not as though the media does a whole lot to stand up for itself.  Surely there’s a legal case to be made for accusations that they just sit around and make up stories out of thin air?  I would have thought the President may be pushing too far the assumption that they wouldn’t wish to disclose their sources.

His hypocrisy and exaggeration is so obvious that nobody with any decent level of intelligence can possibly get behind it….unless they are ‘in on the act’ for their own personal benefit, of course.

We can only home that smarter arguments will prevail in 2018 and beyond.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.  JLP