If the White House can introduce countries like Nambia and Normay, then so can I…let’s talk about #Utrumpia


To support President Trump and his agenda, you either have to believe everything he says or at least decide that it is to your advantage to make it look as though you do.  Either way, you are living in a world which I call ‘Utrumpia’.



Podcast by FiveThirtyEight.com on January 16, 2018

Immigration Showdown

“...even if you were to take this generous interpretation of this data on it’s own, we’re still talking about a ‘doubling’ from eight to sixteen percent, which is not necessarily something to crow about?”


Mexicans are rapists.  The crowd at the 2017 Inauguration was the largest there has ever been [period].   Hillary only won the popular vote because there were millions of votes cast illegally.  There were fine people on both sides at Charlottesville.  There was no collusion with Russia.  Trump is a very stable genius.

All politicians lie.  Actually, all humans do.  But what Donald Trump has done to elevate himself to the highest office in the USA is on a whole new level, even for politics.

He has actually created a world for himself.  One where he establishes his own parameters and premises.  I call it ‘Utrumpia’.  What you see in the opening paragraph is merely a selection of the ‘realities’ in this world.

One of the ‘best qualities’ of this mystical realm is that anything and everything about it can change, because anything and everything is defined by what Donald Trump says in his latest tweet, no matter how much it contradicts something he has stated before or, in the case of the example I’m using for this post, no matter how much the actual facts and figures prove his assertions to be wrong.

As soon as I saw the tweet on his perceived increase in support from the African-American community [courtesy of Utrumpia’s premier news network], I was hoping that the number-crunchers from Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight.com would take his claims to task, and in their latest podcast, they do just that.

But it’s not my intention to dig too deeply into this one issue, rather to highlight the wider one that is his overall strategy, although to call it a strategy would suggest we’re buying into his ‘stable genius’ claim…it could be more accurate to call it a ‘delusion’.

From this day forth you are going to see many references to Utrumpia on this website.  It is unfortunately a place we will have to visit quite often while its creator resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  JLP