Wise words as Blindboy tells podcast listeners to keep their eyes [and minds] open on the net


There’s a lot of crazy shit on the internet, but that’s no reason to ignore the web altogether.  Much better to get engaged and know how to identify and, when necessary, challenge the crazy.


The Blindboy Podcast on January 24, 2018

Finucanes Ointment

“Lads, I will stress…I’m not an economist.  I’m somebody that got a name for themselves by wearing a plastic bag on their head.  So when you hear me talking about things like neoliberalism…don’t take my word for it, go and do your own original research from far more reliable sources than me…”


It’s a highly entertaining 77 minutes of audio content even without the message that is the focus of this FPP post.  I highly recommend you listen for the three monkey stories alone.

But whatever about Blindboy’s [aka Rubberbandits] topic of the day, his words in the quote you see above speak volumes and can be applied all across the world wide web.  I know many people much younger than myself who steer clear of online content because they fear it is a haven for trolls, WUMs and clickbait.

Now I’m not suggesting for a moment that the internet is NOT a haven for trolls, WUMs and clickbait, but if you persevere you can quickly learn to spot them as mere weeds in what can actually be a Garden of Eden for rational thought and shared knowledge once you know where to look and how to handle the information you’re consuming.

Going back to Blindboy’s general content for a moment, maybe I’m not crazy about the c-bombs, but that’s possibly more my own issue than it is his, and it certainly doesn’t stop me from subscribing and you know what, I’m not a million miles away from throwing him a few bob on Patreon either…one thing is for sure, no matter how edgy his themes may get, his ever-increasing listenership will surely guarantee him a permanent sponsor in no time.

Meanwhile we can all do with following his sage advice.  JLP