One media story, three media clips, three media opinions

The “one media story” is all about the GOP and what they’ve done since they’ve taken over the House of Representatives (albeit barely).

We all knew that serving the American people was furthest from their minds, and in a way it’s to their credit that they didn’t even bother hiding the fact that a major priority of theirs was to use the subpoena power of committees to find, or at least create, enough dirt on Joe Biden & his family to trash his name as much as possible in the build up to the 2024 election.

Now to the “three media clips” in question. One is from MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, the second one is from “The Young Turks” and the reason you don’t see a third in this post is because it is the clip the other two are talking about, namely one from Fox News as Maria Baritiromo interviewing James Comer who is the GOP Chairman of the House Oversight Committee that is one of many gunning for the Bidens.

Most of the time it would be counter-productive to share rhetoric from people like Comer, not just because it’s designed to smear, but also because it is so boringly predictable. Naturally we know it boils down to “Biden=bad” which is the red meat Fox viewers want to hear and at this stage they don’t even need to have found actual evidence to do an interview like this, all they need is for Comer to say something like “We are hearing reports that….” and their work is done.

For these clips, the story is about a “whistleblower” that they claim has information about Biden supposedly working for the Chinese government. They announced this a week or two ago, but now it seems the whistleblower has “gone missing”???

Which brings us to the other two clips. First, here’s Morning Joe, hosted by former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough. He now hosts the morning show on MSNBC which would make you think he’s a Democrat now, but I reckon he’s the guy on which Aaron Sorkin’s character Will McAvoy in The Newsroom was based. But that’s a debate for another day, for this clip Scarborough plays the exchange between Bartiromo & Comer before having a long laugh about how the GOP “lost” a whistleblower, like that’s the biggest takeaway from the Fox clip.

So I watched this on Monday, and I couldn’t believe that even though Joe goes from his monologue to talk to about eight different “co-hosts” about the clip, none of them appears to notice the obvious. They make it out that “even Maria is disgusted” by the disappearance of the whistleblower, when IMO it doesn’t take a whole lot of grey matter to see that what Maria is doing is trying to make it look to the viewers that Biden, who they’re trying to maintain is some kind of Don Corleone figure, somehow had the informant “whacked”.

Thankfully by Wednesday we had this coverage by The Young Turks where they see it for what it is. Now THIS is proper analysis.

The girl on the left, Emma Vigeland, usually isn’t on TYT anymore this was a guest appearance – she was a host up to a few years ago but now she works with Sam Seder at The Majority Report, another quality outlet I must say. And actually in another clip on this show, she vehemently disagrees with Cenk on the Debt Ceiling crisis, which is always good to see in these videos because if everyone agrees on everything life would be pretty boring.

But overall I’ve done this post to highlight the difference between right-wing media, “corporate” (or as they’d call it “centrist” media, and progressive media. You can probably tell which I feel is the most reliable. JLP