I may have just found a group of Irish people who would probably vote for Trump #StopRacism

The “wow factor” of a story like this SHOULD come from the headline.

Black taxi drivers experience ‘daily discrimination’ at Irish taxi ranks

In fact, when it comes to Newstalk’s posting of their link on Facebook, the real “wow factor” comes from the comments beneath.

Remember…Newstalk is owned by Ireland’s answer to Donald Trump. Denis O’Brien so it’s FAR from a left-leaning source – if anything it proves the listenership demographic…

So if I walk down a street and there’s two shops on it and I choose not to walk into Nigerian shop in favour of an Irishmans shop * it’s discrimination ?*

Getting a taxi is a business transaction plain and simple, the public are under no obligation to get into a taxi just as we are not obliged to go in to a particular shop

I’m an Irish taxi driver,and drive an 8 seater taxi.
10 times a day people walk past me and get in the car behind cause they don’t want to get in a van. 
Is that racism??????

Just more of your propaganda,you dickheads ,8000 plucked out of the Mediterranean last week alone ,where are they going? Where are the jobs?

Simple fix. Apply the asylum seaker rule. We shouldnt have any asylum seakers unless theyre from the uk.

This is what happens when you open the borders…Ireland is too small to absorb them…

To be fair, there are some comments that actually show some sympathy for the reported cases, but the above examples are in the clear majority.

Just to be clear – this is a story which includes reports of WOMAN HAD A BANANA RUBBED INTO HER HAIR.

Why is it that when some people hear about racism, they assume that they too are being called racist?

Of course it would be better for them to at least acknowledge the possibility that it does exist.  Failing that, just don’t leave a comment at all.  But to actually take the time to whine about their hurt feelings at being called something they weren’t actually called?  I just don’t know.


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