If you have any interest in the #RepealThe8th debate this podcast is required listening

With FG in what we call a “virtual coalition” government with FF this weather, we imagine the referendum on the #RepealThe8th issue will be a can that gets kicked down the road for a good while to come.

But eventually wording will have to be decided and a date will have to be set and when that happens, there is little doubt that we will have the most contentious public debate since the formation of the State.

For now though, we have this podcast (recorded last week) from the Irish Times which couldn’t have hoped for a better title, as the battle lines are clearly drawn.

Two personal observations…first, I find it very interesting that Cora Sherlock goes to such great lengths to disparage the media, making this “talking point” pretty much the cornerstone of the so-called Pro-Life campaign…

The media does not represent the Pro-Life side of this debate in a fair way

…after which host Hugh Linehan appears to shrug his shoulders and say (paraphrase) “you have a point”.  SHE’S TALKING ON A PODCAST FOR A NATIONAL NEWSPAPER!!!  Essentially she’s using a megaphone to complain about not being able to use a megaphone.

But that’s not the only thing that interests me here…just look what US Vice Presidential candidate and Donald Trump running-mate Mike Pence said yesterday

The media is overwhelmingly biased in electing Hillary Clinton the next president of the United States. I think it’s amazing. My late father used to say, ‘It is what it is.’

(Note…this is after the guy at the top of the ticket ‘joked’ about assassinating the President)

Basically, the so-called Pro Life campaign are running the same strategy as Trump.  ‘If we lose this election, it’s because the media is biased’.  Well isn’t that convenient!

OK just one last point before I wrap up…I thought Kate O’Connell did an absolutely superb job stating the case for the Pro Choice side of the argument, showing an ability to riposte the attacks from Sherlock again and again.  That said, I’m not so sure I’m wild about a Fine Gael TD being the voice of the #RepealThe8th movement.

WHERE IS THE IRISH LEFT????  Anyone???? Bueller???

We’ll be keeping a close eye on how this debate develops here on FPP.




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