Funny signs alright…but just how far left of Trump are you guys really?


Call me cynical all you want but I’m getting a distinct whiff of BS off of this story.

Apparently the people of Foxford, Co Mayo are very proud of their reaction to a pro-Trump “Make America Great Again” sign put up by “someone” in their town.

I’ll let continue the reportage

Local Fine Gael councillor Neil Cruise said he received a barrage of complaints from the townspeople, who were furious about being associated with “such a horrible, dangerous, racist and bigoted election candidate”.

This reminds me of George Hook’s drivetime show on BlueshirtFM Newstalk where he’d have a weekly chat with American right wing shock jock radio host Michael Graham (the guy Michael D Higgins famously called a “wanker” before being elected President).  Basically, Graham would spout his hyberbolic crap in order to make George look liberal.  It didn’t work very well.

Anyway what has me arching my eyebrow here is that it’s a Fine Gael councillor that everyone turns to with regard to the sign.  Now let me be clear…I have nothing against Foxford, nor Mayo for that matter, great county, lovely people etc.  But let’s face it…they do have a tendency to elect a lot of FG councillors and TDs so it’s pretty clear what end of the political spectrum they tend to reside.

So I suppose what I’m saying is that I’m not so sure they can rule out absolutely everything on that list you see in the photo, though I’ll give them the wigs thing.

Finally, yes, I’ll say it….maybe the whole thing was a set-up by the councillor in question?  I have no proof whatsoever but you have to admit it would be worth investigating.



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