Want to understand ISIS? Listen to Fisk not Trump

He talks “West” but he knows the Middle East as well as anyone.

There’s no better way to describe Robert Fisk, who’s articles in the English Independent are “must-reads” for those who crave at least basic knowledge of what’s happening on the ground out there, as opposed to the over-simplified black/white rhetoric put out there by the mainstream media and fanatical presidential candidates.

In his latest piece “Isis has not radicalised young Muslims, it has infantilised them – and that is why it is so powerful and dangerous” he evokes the memory of Bishop Edward Daly with whom he was well acquainted and compares the mindset of the IRA to that of the would-be Islamic caliphate.

Isis has broken down the precious wall which separates childhood from adulthood, innocence from guilt. This, far more than mass murder, is its final dark achievement

Fascinating, enlightening material as always, as well as of course profoundly tragic.

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