Dublin GAA club refuses to host #RepealThe8th meeting because of “complaints”

A statement by Councillor John Lyons of People Before Profit was posted on Facebook this evening.

The public meeting tonight calling for Repeal of the 8th Amendment was due to take place in Parnell’s GAA club in Coolock Village.

Four hours before the meeting the GAA club said that the meeting could not take place as they had ‘received complaints’. People Before Profit believe that those against repealing the 8th amendment brought pressure on the venue to cancel the meeting.

Cllr John Lyons who was to chair the meeting said:

“This is a disgraceful denial of free speech. Why did those who complained not come along to the meeting and express their views? We would have been only too happy to discuss the issues with them at the meeting. This is an example, yet again, of conservative forces in Ireland preferring to bury these issues so that a new generation of young people are denied the right to discuss them.

“We shall be holding a meeting outside the venue at the gates of Parnell’s GAA and we urge all those who were to attend to come along. Our voices will be heard”

According to one of the comments below the posting :

John we were denied , in much the same way, from having an anti water charges meeting in a GAA venue too. You have to wonder who is behind these complaints….