An open letter to RTÉ regarding the Sydney Rose #RepealThe8th

Even though the Irish Government’s latest delay tactic of a “Citizen Assembly” is still a way off being put together, it has been a busy week or so for the #RepealThe8th campaign.

First we had the incredible bravery of the #TwoWomenTravel timeline on twitter.

Then, just last night, we had a PBP councillor denied access to a GAA club for a public meeting.

In between we had the noble actions of Brianna Perkins, the Sydney Rose in the Rose of Tralee “contest” when she voiced her opinion on the importance of a referendum on the subject of the 8th amendment.

Much like the GAA club situation, it seems officials have reacted very quickly to what seems to be a small number of complaints.

So fair play to Saorlaith Ni Shuibhne of Cork for organizing an online petition to provide an “antidote” of sorts to these complaints to demonstrate just how many members of the pubic are actually in agreement with what Ms Perkins had to say.

Here is the Open Letter – if you wish to sign  CLICK HERE.

To whom it may concern,

In response to the small number of formal complaints RTÉ has received in relation to the Sydney Rose’s comments on Monday night’s (August 22nd) Rose of Tralee, we the undersigned would like to offer our formal compliments  to Ms. Parkins and welcome her voicing the need to repeal the 8th Amendment in Ireland. Noting that RTÉ does not appear to have a mechanism for offering formal messages of support, we ask that these signatures be assessed in the same manner as any complaints received.

The Undersigned

This petition will be delivered to:

  • RTE

On a final, only slightly related note…see if you can spot anything interesting in the relationship between the story linked by this Irish Times tweet and the photo…