Native American protest vs Fossil fuel industry…who do you think wins with both government and media?

Here at FPP we don’t believe that the business community isn’t entitled to exist.  We’re don’t believe it’s not entitled to have an opinion.

What we DO believe is that both the government and media are there to act as a go between when there is a dispute.  In the USA, when it’s the media forgetting the “im” in the word “impartial”, there are few better sources to learn about it than and their podcast Counterspin.

In North Dakota, a native American community has been engaging in a peaceful protest against a proposed oil-carrying pipeline.  I’ll let continue the reporting as it should be done…

The Standing Rock Sioux say the Army Corps of Engineers approved the pipeline without their consent. For many people, what’s happening right now in North Dakota is a crucial story of a frontline fight of indigenous people against extractive industry—and on behalf of humanity, really, and the planet.

So far, though, for corporate media, it’s not much of a story at all. As we record, none of the big 3 tv networks have so much as mentioned it.

We wish the Standing Rock Sioux all the best in their struggle.

Meanwhile, back here in Ireland, we would love to see the mainstream media put under similar consistent scrutiny to that done by