A simple flowchart for the Irish “ProLife” movement as the Citizens Assembly convenes #RepealThe8th

Yesterday we featured an article in Journal.ie about refugees that seemed to be geared towards those with more right-wing views.

Today, as the Citizens Assembly meets to consider many different issues including the contentious 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution, the online publication have posted a piece about the public submissions to the Assembly, and in its headline it has an extract from a Pro-Life viewpoint.

We’re not necessarily suggesting that the article in question is biased, but what we are saying is that these articles are clearly designed to provoke a host of comments, the vast majority of which re-hash the same old Pro Life v Pro Choice talking points ad nauseum.

The only important issue right now is that of a referendum.  Do we have one, or not.  Obviously here at FPP we believe that we should.  The government should establish a timeframe for the vote now including a “no later than” date, then it should work on formulating the wording for the question to be put before the people, then we should have our date.

Only after that is sorted should we start the debate.  In our opinion, the #RepealThe8th movement should be putting all its energy into getting the vote date organised and ignore the polarization for now.

We also believe the Pro-Life movement should be equally interested in a referendum, assuming they believe their views represent the will of a majority of the Irish people.  To that end we have produced the flow-chart below…