Republicans plan to get congressional dirty work done while media distracted by Trump soundbite-fest

When your goal is to keep an eye on the mainstream media, naturally it’s not all about scrutinising what they actually report.  It is also very important to pay mind to the stuff they leave out of their broadcasts and publications.

Rachel Maddow and Politico are among the few to have latched on to what seems to be a very clear and distinct plan by Mitch McConnell and his fellow Congressional Republicans to minimise the amount of resistance the Democrats can manage against the many changes they want to make under the upcoming Trump administration.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s conference has scheduled six Cabinet-level confirmations hearings for next Wednesday, Jan. 11, the same day the chamber will likely slog through an all-night vote-a-rama on a budget and the president-elect will give his first press conference in six months.

When John Stewart hosted The Daily Show he brilliantly depicted the way the mainstream media can be so easily distracted by using the dog in the Disney movie “Up!”.  The pet had a fancy device attached which meant he could talk but when he was in the middle of talking to you he’d suddenly look away and say…


…and what better way to deflect attention from the rake of confirmation hearing for Trump’s Cabinet of Deplorables than to have the man himself say words out loud?

I’ll let Ms Maddow explain as only she can…