A Week Of President Trump : Mar 18-24, 2017

Week 9

We really don’t need to summarize this week in Trump as Bill Maher has done it for us…

One of the amazing things about this Presidency is the amount of things he has on the go at one time.  Right now on Friday we’re all talking about Trumpcare yet just last Monday it was announced that Trump’s campaign is officially under investigation for collusion with the Russians, and is doing his best to deflect attention any way he can..

President Trump isn’t just lying to the American people; he’s saying, almost openly, that the truth just doesn’t matter either way.

…but here at FPP our attention was most drawn to the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and in particular the questioning of Senator Al Franken –

“It makes me question your judgment.”

…I’m pretty sure that’s the whole point of the proceedings in the first place, and in the case of that “frozen trucker” I most certainly agree with Senator Franken.  Gorsuch tried to defend himself by saying he has “ruled in favour of the little guy” in the past, but for me that’s like a robber offering a plea of “Why are you only judging me on this armed robbery – what about all the other times I went into a store and DIDN’T hold a gun to the cashier’s head?”

Then there’s Ivanka working in the White House.  That’s just plain weird on many levels.  Imagine Fox News if Chelsea Clinton did the same thing had Hillary won?

…ethics advocates express “deep concern about the highly unusual and inappropriate arrangement that is being proposed for Ivanka Trump, the President’s daughter, to play a formalized role in the White House without being required to comply with the ethics and disclosure requirements that apply to White House employees,”

Finally this week we’re going to let Rachel Maddow have something of a victory lap after the grotesque failure of Trumpcare.  The battle is far from over but she’s had a rough ride and it’s good to see her so happy.

While the President has the cojones to blame the Democrats…

“We were very close … and had no Democratic support. They weren’t going to give us a single vote”

…Maddow has a slightly more realistic take.  JLP


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