A Week Of President Trump : Mar 11-17, 2017


Week 8

In real political terms, the biggest news this week in Trump revolves around his first budget proposal.  It is disgusting for anyone who isn’t uber rich, if not all that surprising.

President Donald Trump’s first budget outline, calling for a security-heavy realignment of federal spending, drew resistance on Thursday from his fellow Republicans in the U.S. Congress as many balked at proposed deep cuts to diplomatic and foreign aid programs.

There is no way his proposals will be fully implemented…the President’s first drafts never are.  They must be approved by Congress so there is much haggling to do.  Still, it’s pretty clear where his priorities lie (cough! military industrial complex).

Meanwhile…Trumpcare.  The thing is being passed around like a hot potato.  Is it Paul Ryan’s bill?  Is it the GOP in general?  Well whatever anyone says, it’s always Trumpcare to me.  You said Obamacare was a disaster, so you take ownership of the replacement.  Once you can get one that actually can be implemented, of course.

In an interview with Fox News, the president tried to make it look like he has the general public in mind…

“We will take care of our people, or I’m not signing it,” Trump added. “If we’re not going to take care of the people, I’m not signing anything.”

But the question is…who does he see as “our people”?

Then there’s his “Muslim Ban 2.0”.  Also a shambles…

A federal judge in Hawaii has put President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban on hold, issuing an emergency halt to the order just hours before it was set to go into effect.

The President was not happy as he addressed an adoring throng in Nashville…

“The order blocked was a watered-down version of the first order. This ruling makes us look weak, which we no longer are.”

Next we have Trump’s mystical tax returns – Rachel Maddow was ridiculed for making too much of having just two pages “mysteriously” leaked to her show – we thought that was harsh on her, though she did a much better job making her case herself on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show…

Then there’s the wiretapping, as Trump doubles and triples down on his allegations via his mouthpiece…

In a remarkably combative exchange with reporters at his daily news briefing, Spicer was asked whether Trump still believes Obama ordered the alleged surveillance effort.

“He stands by it,” Spicer said, going on to assail journalists for the way they have reported on the controversy.

Finally, Enda.  I’m no fan of his.  But he had to go visit Trump. He had to be diplomatic. And he had to invite him here.  I’m not saying I’m happy about it, but that’s part of what statesmanship is all about.  It’s all too easy to cry foul from the left and more often than not it’s justified, just not here in my humble opinion.

Mr Kenny also congratulated Mr Trump on his electoral victory. “You beat them all, whatever they say,” he said, noting that he had contested 20 general elections himself.

I want to see the Irish Left keeping the issues that matter front and centre here.  Leave the Trump bashing to unelected bloggers like me.  😉

And that was the latest week of President Trump.  JLP


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